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One Minute Wellness Tips

Have Heartburn or Indigestion? Pizza or heavy meals leave you miserable?

Heartburn podcast

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Many still believe that these symptoms are caused by too much acid in the stomach, but more likely symptoms are caused by eating too large of meals, inadequate acid or improper food combining. When you eat too large a meal the stomach often can’t produce enough acid to break down the food. Whereas, eating smaller meals and supplementing some digestive enzymes, the food can be broken down properly. Try this…eat a much smaller amount of food and take 1-2 Teaspoons of Apple Cider vinegar half way through the meal. If it decreases or eliminates your heartburn, it’s because the acid in the Apple Cider vinegar helped you digest.Click green > below to listen to simple steps to get rid of Heartburn and Acid Reflux.

Eating Fat, Is Not What Makes You Fat! Did you know skim milk is more fattening than whole milk?

Podcast Fat Doesn't Make you Fat

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A study in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescents followed 12,829 children aged 9 to14 and found that those who drank skim and 1% milk gained more weight than those who drank full-fat milk. Why? Because the fat/sugar (lactose) balance was thrown off in the low fat milk. Good quality Fat, from whole foods does not make you fat. Sugar, refined carbs and starch is what makes you fat. Some simple eating advice – if you’re going to use sugar, milk or eggs, use the real thing, they’re much safer and healthier than bizarre food “substitutes” or alternatives.Click the green > below to listen to more information about Weight Loss and high quality Fats.

What Causes Allergies?

Podcast Allergies

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Think about peanuts. One person can eat peanut butter and obtain great nutrition, while it may send another to the ER. Why?

The peanut isn’t the problem, it is the way the allergic person’s nerve system and immune system interpret that food as information that has gone awry. If the nervous and immune system can learn faulty interpretation of substances (food or environmental), it can also unlearn those faulty interpretation. To accomplish this in our office we use a procedure called A/SERT, or Allergy & Sensitivity Elimination and Reprogramming Technique. It’s simple, non-invasive and extremely effective. There are also many supplements that are helpful, including: Quercetin, Vitamin C and Stinging Nettle.Click green > below to listen to fast, effective Allergy relief, or call today for a Free 15 min.


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