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Chiropractic Services in Prineville

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Chiropractic and Structural Care

We don’t adhere to one technique and expect all patients to conform to “our brand” of chiropractic. Instead we utilize many different techniques and have invested the time, energy and resources to keep up on the latest cutting edge technologies to get you well quick and keep you functioning optimally. We use Activator, hands-on and instrument adjusting, cranial manipulation, trigger point therapy, scar tissue and visceral manipulation, drop table and a host of other tools and techniques. And we always take your preferences in to consideration when developing a treatment plan.


Cold Laser Therapy in Prineville

Cold Laser Treatment

Also known as low level laser therapy (LLLT) works great for Carpal Tunnel, Cervical and Lumbar disc problems, muscle and joint problems and “Brain Balancing.” We use a special technique called Applied Neurology to identify where nerves may be entrapped or not functioning properly. Using the cold laser we are able to free the nerves and get them functioning again. This simple and totally painless treatment has allowed us to help hundreds of patients avoid costly and dangerous surgeries.


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