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Hanes Chiropractic Wellness Center Center in Prineville

{PJ} Chiropractic Office

Our Philosophy

We’ve been delivering quality chiropractic care to Central Oregon since 1995.

The goal in our practice is simple – we do everything we can to help each practice member achieve their full potential by living the “chiropractic wellness lifestyle.”

Wellness to us is helping each person see a better version of themselves physically, nutritionally and emotional/spiritually. We find there are 6 interferences that can block people from achieving Health and Wellness.

While many chiropractors focus solely on Structural Interference caused by poor posture, scar tissue and subluxation (misalignment of vertebrae creating nerve interference), we consider the whole person and evaluate what other interferences, nutritional, emotional, electromagnetic, toxicity, allergy or sensitivities, may be holding you back from achieving the health and happiness you deserve.
Consider attending one of our Free Wellness Consultations. Our patients comment that these free classes have helped them truly understand our approach and what they can do to get the best possible results. Call today for the next available time and date.

Our Team is Ready to Help

Everyone on our team walks the walk. We all get adjusted regularly and are all involved in personal growth and motivation. We all do an annual Detox in January when everyone in the office eats nothing but fresh fruit, vegetables and free-range chicken to get back on track after the holidays. Everyone complains a little in the beginning, but they appreciate the results! We have fun and hold each other accountable for the health goals we each set.

{PJ} Chiropractor Dr. Coby Hanes

Meet Dr. Coby Hanes

The best part of my job is getting to see people experiencing chiropractic for the first time. They are often just as surprised as I was initially at how well it works. Once you understand that the nervous system controls and coordinates everything in the body , and that the body can heal itself once any nerve interference is removed, then you will truly appreciate the importance and value of a chiropractic adjustment. Learn more»

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