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Functional Medicine at Hanes Chiropractic Wellness Center

Happy FamilyWhat Is Functional Medicine?

Root Cause Resolution Medicine

Personalized, Functional, Holistic!

Functional Medicine is personalized and views the doctor/patient relationship as a therapeutic-partnership. Functional Medicine addresses the “Root Causes” of chronic disease by combining the latest science with an intense focus on balancing the complex interactions between our genetics, environment, diet and lifestyle choices.

Conventional medicine uses drugs or surgery as therapeutic tools, which works fairly well for acute diseases, trauma and infection.

Sadly, drugs and surgery fail the 125 million Americans suffering from complex chronic disease.

Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions – allergic, digestive, hormonal, metabolic and neurological problems require a Root Cause approach that resolves complex chronic disease, rather than just suppressing symptoms.

Instead of asking, “What drug matches up with this disease,” Functional Medicine asks the vital questions that very few other doctors ask:

  • “Why do you have this problem in the first place?”
  • “Why has function been lost?”
  • “What can we do to restore your body to optimal function?”

As an IFM Certified Practitioner, Dr. Coby Hanes is uniquely trained in the Functional Medicine model to identify and treat the root causes of chronic disease.

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