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Happy National Cocoa Day!


Simple Paleo-ish Hot Cocoa

Serves 2

Enjoy the warm, rich, chocolate goodness of this simple hot cocoa (without milk). It has butter so it cannot be called dairy-free, however even the most lactose intolerant can usually tolerate a small amount of high quality grass-fed butter.


1. 1 – 14oz can coconut cream (in BPA-free can)
2. 2T Kerrygold or other high quality grass-fed butter
3. 1-2T coconut oil or MCT oil
4. 2T raw cacao or unsweetened dark cocoa powder
5. 2T raw honey or organic sugar (could use Stevia or monk fruit instead) 
6. 2t of ground cinnamon
7. 1t Sea Salt
8. whipped coconut cream, to serve (optional)


1. Gently heat and whisk together the cacao, cinnamon, coconut milk, butter and coconut oil (or MCT oil) in a small saucepan.
2. Place the saucepan over medium heat and bring to a simmer, add the sweetener of your choice and sea salt, whisking until all ingredients are well blended..
3. Pour into mugs, top with a large dollop of the whipped coconut cream (if using), dust with cocoa powder and cinnamon – Enjoy!

This recipe has a ton of high quality fat, enough to make some nutritionally minded calorie counters choke.  Try it this way and add a little water or boxed coconut milk (which has a much lower fat content) to thin it down afterward if it’s too rich for you.  Whip some up and let us know how you like and what changes you’d make.

Dr. Coby L. Hanes

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