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BOUGHT - Thought provoking documentary

The more knowledge we have, the better choices we can make regarding our health and the health of our children and families.

BOUGHT” is a groundbreaking new documentary that exposes the shocking truth behind vaccines, GMOs and drugs.

The Free link to watch this important documentary is only good for a few days. Please don’t wait!

Gain access and behind the scenes knowledge of how Big Food, Big Ag and Big Pharma manipulate the system. Their multi-billion dollar corporate playbook puts profits above people, and puts you and your family in harms way.

Your health, Your food and Your medicine are now brought to you by Wall Street.

Watch this film and hear from experts in science and medicine as they call into question health choices you are making every day — Choices you thought were supposed to help protect you and your family’s health.

Make informed decisions and don’t become like sheep (sheeple = people that follow the herd (the majority)). They’re easily influenced by peers and the media to adopt certain behaviors or blindly follow trends. Sheep are easily led in masses to slaughter.

‘Bought’ will only be viewable for a short time – watch it now by clicking right here.

Yours in good health,

Dr. Coby L. Hanes

PS.  Check last Friday’s Wall Street Journal for Bought’s full page ad to the President.

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