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Bless You in 2014!

Year In Review


It is my sincere belief that our life is determined by the quality of the questions we ask our self.  Most people live their life afraid of their own shadow or their own past, and therefore never play Full-Out!  If you knew everything was all right, that things always happen just the way they are supposed to, and that there really is always has a happy ending, how would you respond differently? 

 Let me be the first to tell you that “everything is all right, even perfect!”  And, if you could believe and fully trust that, then instantly everything would become all right.  Sounds deep I know, but if you could trust that every experience in life is designed to grow you and your soul in some way, could you look at things differently?  Would you?

As this year draws to a close and you plan for 2014, I’d love to share with you some powerful questions that I like to ask myself at year end. If you would like to play along you will need a simple journal (this can be as simple as a spiral notebook).  If you don’t have anything lying around just jot things on any scrap paper and you can transfer it later.  Now carve out some time to ask yourself these questions, or some even deeper ones!

Dare to list your two or three biggest mistakes of the year. ?Don’t blame yourself or get upset over them, but study and LEARN from them.

Where did you mess up? Where did you delay too long or rush ahead too quickly? If you see patterns or warning signs, jot them down. You may learn something useful. We ALL make mistakes, or head down paths that we quickly realize are not where we’d really love to be!

Also list your biggest successes! How did you achieve them? What did you do right, how did you use your brilliance, your skills or your initiative to accomplish good things and powerful results? Take notes — you’ll want to repeat them in the future!

What personality or character traits would you like to change (something to over-come or to nurture and strengthen), jot them down! Consider ways to become stronger, wiser or more effective in the coming year. Study people who have the quality you admire and ponder how they’ve achieved it. If you’re really bold, consider asking them for advice!

Get very, very clear about exactly what you want in the coming year. What are your priorities, your values, your dreams? What’s important?  I like to set a title theme for the whole year, titles like “2014 The Year of Health & Happiness,” The Year of Family, The Year of Growing Spiritually, or The Year of Prosperity.  Whatever will make a huge difference for you and your loved ones.  Don’t worry too much about “how” you’ll pull it off, just note what’s true and what you really want in 2014.

When you’re clear about “what,” you’ll figure out “how.”   I like the mantra…”It’s not my job to figure out the how, it’s my job to hold the vision!”

What have I learned? What has life taught me? Where am I wiser, stronger, more skilled or more open than in the past? How will I take better advantage of opportunities in the New Year? What will I do differently?

To help guide you I’ve listed some questions.  A few have blanks, and I want you to trust your intuition to fill them in. Answer what fits you, and leave what doesn’t. They are simply a guide to help you review 2013 and move powerfully into 2014!

What were you most proud of this year?

Describe the feeling/emotion of your _______________:

What changes did you make this year that had significant impact on your life? Personally and professionally:

What would you love more of in your life? (what worked and how to enhance and make sure you keep doing this)

What would you love less of in your life? (Eliminate or confront tolerations, and/or create systems to clean up things like paperwork, bills, house work etc.)

BHAG – What is your Big Harry Audacious Goal for 2014 (something that is a real stretch for you… a really far out there idea that will make you bring all your tools, resources and everything you’ve got???)

What is your number 1 toleration?

What systems for success do you rely on most? (affirmations, reading, goal setting etc.)

What one system for success do you choose to enhance this year?

Why do you succeed at times and fall short at others?

May you take the time to review and see how much you have grown in 2013, and take this learning forward!  You already have all the tools, resources, skills and the character to create what you want.  In fact, YOU are already perfect in every way, but you must wake up to that fact!  Begin by letting go of all the other distractions and self sabotaging behaviors!

Blessings to you in 2014!!

Dr. Coby Hanes

(Some of this information is barrowed (stolen) from Dr. Janice Hughes a wonderful chiropractor, coach and past mentor of mine).

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