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Back to School Health and Immune Support


As parents prepare for and children head back to school, it’s a great time to think about supporting our children’s immune system and brain.  As beach days get traded for evenings hitting the books, this busy time can be met with excitement, but also a lot of anxiety – that includes, high hopes for kids to stay healthy, happy and focused on learning.

To help ease some of this anxiety and support overall health and well-being, I have put together a list of foundational supplements that, in addition to a great multivitamin, should be in every child’s back to school  supplement regime.

Omega 3s

Omega 3s are critical nutritional building blocks that support healthy brain development in a variety of ways. Research suggests that adequate Omega 3s are required for proper neurotransmitter function, supporting psychological and behavioral health. Other studies have shown supplementation with Omega 3 may improve memory.  Kids’ brains work extra hard at school having to learn and remember new things every day. In addition, the social environment can present many new emotional challenges. Ensuring adequate daily intake of Omega 3s is essential for optimal cognitive and emotional health.

 Our Favorites:

  • EPA/DHA 720 Orange Flavor – Metagenics
  • Hi-Lignan Flaxseed oil – Omega Nutrition

Multivitamin & Minerals

A healthy diet is the absolute foundation of great health.  Eating a phytonutrient rich diet from fresh, organic fruits, berries and veggies is essential.  Nuts supply important healthy fats and minerals and wild fish and free range or grass-fed meats provide healthy fats and much needed protein.  In addition to all these, a great multivitamin and mineral formula can help fill in the gaps for young growing skeletons and muscles.

Our Favorites:

  • Catalyn – chewable or regular – Standard Process
  • Rehab Support – Douglas Labs


Kids spend long hours in school, not always making the best choices when it comes to food. On top of that, families are working to juggle extracurricular activities. The reality of these busy schedules means healthy, balanced meals often take a back seat to pocket-sized snacks. Probiotics can benefit everyone, even those already consuming nutritious meals, but they become extra important for picky and/or on-the-run eaters.

Probiotics help improve both digestion and absorption of nutrients, helping kids get the most out of the food they do consume. Taking steps to help children maintain their healthy microbiome will also help to boost their overall health and immune system function.  Different products contain different strains of probiotic bacteria, so there is also a benefit to switching things up month to month to promote healthy gut bacteria diversity.

Our Favorites:

  • Ultra Flora Acute – Metagenics
  • Ultra Flora Balance – Metagenics
  • Total Probiotics – Nutri West

Vitamin C, Zinc and Colloidal Silver

Vitamin C is on most everyone’s go-to list during the cold and flu season due to its ability to mobilize white blood cells and support immune function.  Vitamin C is also important for the formation of collagen, tendons and ligaments.  Zinc is essential for immune support, fighting against the common cold and flu and also supports the formation of collagen, tendons and ligaments.  Colloidal Silver is one I would not be without heading into the school year and cold/flu season.  Colloidal Silver works as a natural antibiotic and antiviral and does not harm your own good flora.  I have successfully treated 2 patients with confirmed MRSA using an advanced nano particle silver solution called Max 30.  As with most natural treatments, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and it’s best to begin these supplements prior to an acute issue.

Our Favorites:

  • Ultra Potent C 1000mg – Metagenics
  • Immucore which is Ultra Potent C with Reshi, Turkey Tail and other mushrooms – Metagenics
  • Immuplex – whole food concentrate of Vit. C, zinc, Vit. A and bovine thymus extract – Standard Process
  • Max 10 or Max 30 – advanced nano particle silver – American Biotech Labs

Vitamin D

Even with a high-quality multivitamin, it’s likely that children aren’t getting enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to maintain adequate blood levels of calcium by increasing absorption from food which will help kids build strong bones. Vitamin D also plays a critical role in helping regulate the immune system, improving immune defense against illness while reducing the risk of autoimmune dysfunction.  Additionally, Vitamin D supports muscle function, cardiovascular function, respiratory function, metabolism and brain development, including proper neurotransmitter function, which affects mood and energy. Vitamin D regulates about 1000 genes in the body4, therefore having adequate Vitamin D helps ensure a child’s optimal physical, mental and emotional development.  One overlooked factor is that vitamin D needs to be balanced with preformed vitamin A, and we’re talking about the fat soluble vitamin A here, not beta-carotene.  Vitamin D also needs Vitamin K2 to help keep calcium in the bones and not deposit it into soft tissues.

For all the reasons above our favorite:

  •  Ultra D3 with natural Vitamin A and Vitamin K2 in a delicious orange flavored liquid – Apex Energetics

Starting the new school year is always a big change.  Supporting parents and kids alike is what we do – so here is to the best school year ever!


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