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Detoxification – The Best Medicine

Feel like you’ve done nothing but eat through the Holidays?

Woman Eating HealthyDid you know? The average person gains 8-10 pounds of FAT during the holidays? Or, that scientists have identified hundreds of toxins in our food and water that trigger “super fat cells?” Some of these toxins are known as endocrine disruptors because they wreak havoc on your hormones; others have been labeled “Obesogens,” because they literally trigger obesity.

Don’t let the holiday food loaded with fat, sugar and calories leave you feeling lethargic, depressed and bloated, with sore and achy joints. Why not let us help you shake off those heavy meals and sugar cravings?

Join us for our annual Detox which begins Thursday, January 16th @ 5:30PM. This “Detox Boot Camp” runs four consecutive weeks, and we will teach you everything you need to know about Detox. I have helped literally thousands of people just like you succeed! Learn meal planning, Acid/Alkaline balancing, how to eliminate the worst toxins and heavy metals, and which foods will make you FAT! Come prepared to unleash a new YOU in 2020!

Thursday, January 16, 2019 @ 5:30PM
(541) 447-7230

Cost is only $75 ($125 after Jan. 10th)
Call and register today and save $50.

Our Guarantee – if you’re not thrilled by the end of the second class, we’ll refund the entire class fee!

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Detoxification Event | (541) 447-7230